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Partnership Brings Frictionless Credit Card Origination to Community Banks

Bankers’ Bank is collaborating with MK Decision to bring MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS™) to over 100 community bank partners throughout the Midwest. This agreement will allow community banks to offer credit card applicants a streamlined online credit decision experience.  Read more...

Bankers' Bank Founding Sponsor of FPC

Bankers’ Bank is proud to be a founding sponsor of the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC), which formed in December 2018 and is now soliciting qualified members. The FPC’s mission is to advance the path to faster payments ubiquity, enabling any American to safely and securely pay another, anywhere, anytime and with near-immediate funds availability. Read more...

First-of-its-Kind Rewards Card Program

Community banks throughout the Midwest can now join a consumer credit card program that rewards consumers for shopping at participating community-based businesses. Bankers’ Bank, the Midwest’s premier provider of banking services to community banks, announces a referral consumer credit card program with incentives for shopping locally. Read more...