Banking is a relationship business and nothing helps build stronger relationships than meeting face-to-face. We enjoy every chance to talk with you personally, learn about your needs and discover means by which we can help make you more successful. To that end, in addition to our regular in-bank visits, we participate in banking seminars, conferences, committee meetings and conventions throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you at many of these events.


Industry Events - See you there!

09/10/18         Community Bankers of Iowa Annual Golf Open

09/10/18         Indiana Bankers Association Annual Convention  

09/12/18         Wisconsin Bankers Association Management Conference

09/16/18         Iowa Bankers Association Annual Convention

09/20/18         Bankers' Bank / BFSN Luncheon - Indianapolis, IN

11/07/18         Illinois Bankers Association Midwest Bank Leaders

11/07/18         Wisconsin Bankers Association BOLT Winter Leadership Summit

11/13/18         Wisconsin Bankers Association Lead 360 Conference